Once upon a time …


What good story doesn’t open with these words?


Our own success story is no exception.
After all, we are now able to look back on 125 years of company history.
Our dictum has not only existed since 1890, but is also even more relevant than ever today:
focussing our vision firmly on customer requirements as well as on market developments was and remains the cornerstone of our success.


Two brothers. One idea.
The company founders Otto and Ludwig Sels


The location plays a decisive role: rapeseed is mainly supplied over water.


The oil drums are transported by company trucks.


Sels puts its first extraction plant into operation to extract residual oil from press cake.


War damage to the mill, coupled with a poor raw material supply, leads to a significant reduction in production.


The first seed silo is constructed, with a capacity of 25,000 t.


SELS OEL + FETT GMBH & CO. KG is founded. Still today the bottling plant fills containers for the wholesale and retail sector.


Two additional silo cells are build, allowing over 40,000 t of seeds to be stored presently.


In order to stay competitive on the global market, renovation of the oil mill starts in 2007. At first, investments are made in a new toaster dryer cooler.


The new, fourth oil extraction facility is put into operation in 2009, after the third had been in service for 35 years.


A balancing act between pressure and heat: investments in the oil mill are completed with the installation of six new presses.


In our anniversary year of 2015, the new bagin-box packaging joins the range, following the start of the new 1-litre bottle line in 2013.