Refined rapeseed oil

the major oil in Europe


Ahead of even sunflower and olive oils, rapeseed oil tops rankings in terms of popularity. Its highly beneficial fatty acid pattern (rich in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids) plays a decisive role here. In Neuss, we are set to produce up to 300,000 tonnes of refined rapeseed oil each year, which is then used in kitchens all across the globe. Nevertheless, it is not only applied for cooking and frying, but also to produce margarine, mayonnaise, deli salads, bread, pizza and separating agents for baking.


Crude oil

for a wide range of uses


At our plant in Neuss, we produce almost 400,000 tonnes of crude oil peryear. This is the equivalent of around 750 litres of oil every minute. So complex to produce, its applications are extremely diverse: in addition to making animal feed (animal and fish food), our crude oil is used in the technical sector. For instance, it is applied as a basic material for the fractionation of fatty acids and in the production of lubricants. Crude rapeseed oil is also used to produce biodiesel.


Rapeseed meal

the European animal feed ingredient


Whether in the hogfeed ration, for cattle or poultry, rapeseed meal is a versatile ingredient in the compound feed industry throughout Europe. The reason is both simple and obvious: the continent’s native rapeseed meal is of particularly high quality because it is rich in protein and is not genetically modified. From Neuss, we deliver around 500,000 tonnes to the animal feed industry every year.


Bottling operation

SELS OEL + FETT GMBH & CO. KG – Düsseldorf


Founded in 1987, SELS OEL + FETT GMBH & CO. KG has become one of the leading suppliers for the wholesale sector over the past 25 years. As a system supplier with its own PET bottle plant, our aim is to offer the matching product for each requirement. Accordingly, we have also been supplying the retail sector with commercial usable sizes since 2001. The huge range of packaging – stretching from 0.75-litre bottles to 1,000-litre tanks – is particularly valued by our customers.



Europe‘s leading oilseed plant


In Europe, some 20 million tonnes of rapeseed are harvested every year. Around 750,000 trucks are required to transport it. The process from sowing to harvesting takes almost a full year: just a few weeks after sowing, the first leaves can already be seen in late summer. The magnificent sight of fields in full yellow bloom can be admired each spring. Afterwards, the rapeseed pods fill and, once ripe, the dried rapeseed crops are harvested in the fields. Only the black seeds that trickle out of the dry pods – and not the whole plant – are delivered to the oil mill.



Oil production – a complex process


The oil production process is complicated, and begins with the preheating of the rapeseed. Next, the raw material is rolled into flakes. These are then heated to approximately 100 degrees, whereby so-called press oil is produced. However, because the remaining press cake contains residual oil, it is washed out using the solvent hexane. In order to prepare the residue for the animal feed industry, the hexane is removed again in three stages: toasting, drying and cooling! The crude oil extracted is then sent to the refinery, where it undergoes deacidification, bleaching and steam distillation to become refined oil.