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24-hour flexibility – to ensure your operations run like clockwork.


For us, service means always being there – so that no one is left out high and dry. This has meant that we have been able to build business relations with both customers and suppliers that have lasted for decades, and are characterised by mutual trust. We are convinced that precisely this atmosphere is what makes us stand out. This coincides with a short decision-making processes which, as a family-run company, enable us to react quicker to ever-changing markets and conditions.

The company

From an oil mill to its very own refinery.
From a family-run company to state-of-the-art technology.


From founders Otto and Ludwig Sels all the way to the 4th generation of the family who currently leads the company, we have stood for quality and tradition. For us, this means always thinking one step ahead and learning from our own experience.

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Crude oil

So complex to produce, its applications are extremely diverse: in addition to making animal feed (animal and fish feed), our crude oil is used in the technical sector.

Refined oil

It is not only applied for cooking and frying, but also to produce margarine, mayonnaise, deli salads, bread, pizza and separating agents for baking.

Rapeseed meal

Whether in the hogfeed ration, for cattle or poultry, rapeseed meal is aversatile ingredient in the compound feed industry throughout Europe.


of rapeseed oil are produced by Sels per year


of refined rapeseed oil are supplied by Sels per year


of rapeseed meal are produced by Sels per year


of rapeseed are processed by Sels per year


When everyone strives to accomplish on the same goals, the result is stunning


Behind every successful company stands an outstanding team: almost 100 staff members work at our locations in Neuss and Düsseldorf and some of them even represent the third generation of employees from the same families. In 2014, our workers processed a record volume of almost 900,000 tonnes of seed – a total weight that corresponds to that of 35.000 trucks.


To strengthen our team we are looking immediately for our location in Neuss: